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Jami LoVullo, 2011 Graduate

Parallel Lines: Human and Animal Behavior Meets Motivation

Jami LoVullo's path to Purdue Global Law School (formerly Concord Law School) was interesting to say the least. After graduating with a degree from Moorpark College in exotic animal training and management, Jami worked as an animal keeper at the Los Angeles Zoo for nearly 20 years, as well as a humane officer for 10 years.

"I wanted to do something that involved both the animals and the law together."

Jami's interests were clear much earlier than her path was. As she explored a passion with both animal behavior and psychology, it was Purdue Global Law School's programs that enabled her to take action.

"Not in a million years; I never thought I would go to law school. Being a humane officer got me interested in learning more about the law and how it can help animals. I was really, really, excited to go to law school. I had a great experience at Purdue Global Law School."

Experience Yields Exploration

Jami started out by studying animals and psychology in her undergraduate track.

"Behavior is behavior whether it's human or animals. It's all the same motivation, all the same ways that people and animals both learn."

Passion Leads to Purpose

Jami's personal experience with animals led her to explore other career avenues available to someone with her skillset. "What seems to be happening in many organizations is that they learn that their power comes from the law. Doing things that protect animals is no different. That power comes from the legal field; it comes from the legal profession in protection for animals."

Built to Suit

Jami credits Purdue Global Law School's unique customizable structure with enabling her to attend classes and ultimately achieve a degree. "There's no way I would have gone to law school had I not been able to have that option. I had a family, a house, and six horses. I had a full-time job, so I went on my downtime and in between work."

A Path to Empowerment

Jami graduated from Purdue Global Law School (formerly Concord Law School) in 2011 with her Juris Doctor degree and was able to translate her passion into a clear career path, one that Purdue Global Law School was able to let her realize.

In 2015, she started a nonprofit agency in California.

"Our nonprofit has three main functions. One is humane education. The second thing we do is monitor animals on film sets. So commercials, television, still shoots—basically making sure that they're legally protected and that they're safe. And the third thing we do is provide expert witness services in the courts for anything that is animal related."

Her Purdue Global Law School Connection

"What I loved about Purdue Global Law School and what I loved about the people that I met is that they came from all kinds of various backgrounds, yet they all were able to take what they had done before and either make it better or even go into a completely different field. Even though you might not consider yourself to be the average student, I still say that it's worth making that effort because you would be surprised what you can do."