Man walking through aisle of law library

Competitive Law Library and Resources


A critical measure of a quality law school education is well-developed legal research skills. Hone yours within the extensive Purdue Global Law School library embedded right into the system platform. You are assured 24/7 access to all research materials you will need to complete your assignments, including:

  • Westlaw: A premier online legal research services; contains thousands of databases of primary law at both the federal and state levels, as well as secondary sources

  • HeinOnline: Provides access to law reviews, journals, treatises, and a historical record of the Federal Register

Professional Support

Ask questions and get prompt responses from professional librarians via email. Students take Electronic Legal Research, a required course in both the JD and EJD programs. Students learn and practice efficient, effective research to maximize their skills.

Additional Purdue Global Access

In addition to the extensive Purdue Global Law School library, you’ll also have unlimited access to all resources and services of the Purdue Global Online Library, which contains thousands of additional periodicals and e-books to aid your research.