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Academic Support


Law School Is Challenging. But at Purdue Global, You're Not on Your Own.

As the first online law school in the United States, Purdue Global Law School has over 20 years of successful experience transforming new students into licensed attorneys and legal experts. Our highly interactive learning management system (LMS) is designed to meet the specialized needs of law students and today’s evolving legal profession. Additionally, the personalized, one-on-one academic support you get every step of the way also makes a big difference. Discover all the people and resources in your corner.

Faculty and Student Interaction

Using the LMS, you’ll attend live classes; watch video lectures; interact with your professors and fellow students via audio/video or text; get meaningful feedback on your assignments to improve your future performance; and enjoy many other resources. Everything we do is designed to drive steady progression in your skills development and to help you succeed on law school exams, state regulatory examinations, and as practicing attorneys and advocates.

Comprehensive First-Year Support

The first year is a challenging time for almost all law school students. It’s also a pivotal time to build and strengthen important skills you’ll need to rely upon throughout your program. To maximize your progress this first critical year, our faculty has developed several specialized academic support programs designed to build core skills and help you progress.


Purdue Global Law School offers an orientation program unique to the law school called Fundamentals. The brief lessons give you an introduction to the LMS, provide a sneak peek into what you will cover in your first year courses, offer some foundation in background institutional concepts to help you better understand the law, and even give you the opportunity to practice some of the key skills you will use as a law student.

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Law students are often looking for supplemental study resources. Purdue Global Law School’s faculty have created their own: the Academic Resource Center, which includes content for all first year courses and beyond, as well as videos and exercises to help you with foundational law school skills. There are over 1,000 multiple choice questions with explanations, as well as dozens of practice essays with model answers, so that students don’t have to look to third-party supplements to review course material or prepare for exams.

Students Come FIRST

Purdue Global Law School is student-centered in both academic and student services. That means we put you first in any interactions you have with administration. Our staff maintains a sense of urgency in responding to every student’s question or request for help: we strive to resolve your issue within 24 to 48 hours.

Student Support

Our Student Support team is comparable to any brick and mortar law school student services staff. The exceptional support we offer includes orientation guidance and information, class schedule management, logistical questions and concerns, academic record maintenance, and more. As digital interaction becomes the primary means of communication even on traditional campuses, we utilize similar channels for you to access resources and engage with fellow students and staff—online through email, chat, and social media.