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Purdue Global Law School Career Services


Purdue Global Law School students come to us with a wide range of career goals. Some want to advance in their current profession, while others seek to change fields or embark on a second or third career. Our Career Services team offers a variety of resources to help you leverage your legal education to achieve your desired goals.

The Center for Career Advancement

As a Purdue Global Law School student and graduate, you can benefit from the assistance of a Center for Career Advancement Advisor, who can not only provide advice and guidance on career development and job searches, but also help with practical items such as résumé and cover letter reviews, interview preparation, networking tips, and review of social media profiles.

Online Resources

As is the case with all the student services at Purdue Global Law School, the Center for Career Advancement is readily accessible from the student’s personal home page. The Library also includes resume and networking primers, as well as contact information and research on industries and companies.

National Externships

Purdue Global Law School offers an extensive nationwide field placement program that allows you to participate in externships remotely or in the state in which you reside. The Legal Education Experience Program (LEEP) elective provides you with the opportunity to gain legal or legal-related experience for your résumé, as well as useful contacts for future employment.

Legal Incubator Program

To help graduates gain experience, manage their own practices, and use technology to represent clients remotely, Purdue Global Law School launched the first online law school incubator program in partnership with a California-based legal services provider. The collaboration uses technology to provide participants around the country access to training and mentoring sessions previously available only in person for attorneys. It also facilitates the use of email and telephonic or video conferencing to connect lawyers with clients in different locales, so that living in a remote location is no longer an obstacle to getting legal representation or to accessing clients.

Bar Exam Support

For students who seek to practice as California-licensed attorneys, the bar exam is a necessary step. Purdue Global Law School helps you transition from law school to California bar exam preparation. Not only is bar-oriented material integrated seamlessly into the entire curriculum, but fourth-year JD students take a year-long course called Capstone designed specifically to help them prepare for the bar exam. In addition, Purdue Global Law School provides a substantial reduction on Kaplan Bar Review's commercial bar prep program.