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The EU and U.S. flags are seen as binary data streams.
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Understanding the New EU–U.S. Data Privacy Framework

Find out about the European Union and United States’ Data Privacy Framework to ensure the security of sensitive personal information.
File folders represent trademarks, infringing, and the law.
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Lanham Act Ruled No Protection Against Foreign Infringing Use

Read about the Supreme Court's ruling overturning a company’s $96 million damage award under the Lanham Act.
Text "STUDENT DEBT" positioned among 100-dollar bills.
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New Process Makes It Easier to Discharge Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy

Read about what's being done to help ease student loan debt, including attempts to make it easier for borrowers to discharge it in bankruptcy.
An illustration of scales representing balance and fairness in AI.
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Federal Agencies Poised to Crack Down on AI-Driven Bias

Federal regulators are concerned about the potential for bias in the use of AI for mortgage lending decisions.