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A girl carries a box filled with bottles to recycle.
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California Looks to Cut Plastics, Landfill Waste With New Recycling Laws

The state has passed new laws aimed at reducing the amount of plastic waste that goes into landfills. Find out the long-term implications.
A word cloud with words Public Domain in the foreground.
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Did You Say Mickey Mouse Is Now in the Public Domain?

“Steamboat Willie” may be in the public domain, but creators should be cautious about using the Mickey Mouse image.
A computer illustration of the concept of non-fungible tokens.
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Can You Serve a Defendant Through NFTs and Other Electronic Means?

In an increasing number of cases, courts have allowed plaintiffs to serve defendants electronically, including with NFTs.
A Chat GPT logo illustrates the use of AI in multiple ways.
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The Potential Benefits and Risks of ChatGPT in Legal Practice

AI can enhance productivity by eliminating many mundane tasks. However, lawyers need to understand the risks.