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A computer illustration of the concept of non-fungible tokens.
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Can You Serve a Defendant Through NFTs and Other Electronic Means?

In an increasing number of cases, courts have allowed plaintiffs to serve defendants electronically, including with NFTs.
A Chat GPT logo illustrates the use of AI in multiple ways.
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The Potential Benefits and Risks of ChatGPT in Legal Practice

AI can enhance productivity by eliminating many mundane tasks. However, lawyers need to understand the risks.
The EU and U.S. flags are seen as binary data streams.
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Understanding the New EU–U.S. Data Privacy Framework

Find out about the European Union and United States’ Data Privacy Framework to ensure the security of sensitive personal information.
File folders represent trademarks, infringing, and the law.
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Lanham Act Ruled No Protection Against Foreign Infringing Use

Read about the Supreme Court's ruling overturning a company’s $96 million damage award under the Lanham Act.