Jennifer Mapa at graduation

Jennifer Mapa, 2019 Graduate

Jennifer Mapa Grows Her Law Enforcement Career With a Juris Doctor

As a middle manager and law enforcement professional, Jennifer Mapa worked many long, odd hours. She was able to pursue her master’s degree in criminal justice online, but she felt a burning desire to become a lawyer. That’s when she looked into the online Juris Doctor (JD) program at Purude Global Law School (formerly Concord Law School), which offered her what she was looking for.

“Purdue Global Law School was the opportunity I needed,” says Mapa. “I was able to study wherever and whenever I could, off-duty. That’s why I chose Purdue Global Law School.”

Mapa has more than 22 years of experience in law enforcement. She felt earning a JD would help her move up in her organization. “I have a lot of experience in criminal justice, but I wanted to understand the nuances of the law,” Mapa says. “There’s definitely a gap between the law and law enforcement on the street. Earning my JD helped me further my education and understand the laws I was dealing with enforcing.”

Real-Life Experience Through Online School

Mapa participated in two externships while at Purdue Global Law School. One was in employment discrimination, where she worked remotely with an out-of-state attorney, learning how to draft memos and legal documents.

In Mapa’s last year in the program, she completed another externship, this time in immigration law. Mapa lives in the Bay Area in California and says immigration law issues are prevalent where she lives and works. She says the externship gave her a great opportunity to learn about the administrative and federal procedures for immigration laws, as well as meet and network with professionals she can learn from.

Going Above and Beyond

Mapa says one of the best things about Purdue Global Law School is the quality of the faculty. She says the faculty members were available for students whenever there were questions,  both during live online classes and via email.

In an online setting, Mapa remarks on the warm and personable nature of her professors, who she says were always prompt in meeting students’ needs.

New Connections, New Friends

Mapa says the networking opportunities Purdue Global Law School provided were a major advantage to the program. Among the many relationships she developed during the program, she says many are now good friends located throughout the United States.

“I forged many great friendships that have provided a lot of networking opportunities,” Mapa says. “Most of the students at Purdue Global Law School are working or have families, so we have a lot in common as far as life experience and the things we have to do to get through law school.”

How Mapa’s JD Has Changed Her Life

While Mapa always wanted to get a doctorate, earning her JD has changed her life in unexpected ways. She says her JD helped her earn a promotion within her current career and she expects it to help her future professional development as well. Plus, it influences her in everyday interactions.

“It opened my mind to be more observant about day-to-day transactions such as contracts or even just driving down the street,” Mapa says. “I’m much more aware of what’s going on.” She also says that her education helped her improve her writing skills, leading her to become a better supervisor.

Mapa says she highly recommends Purdue Global Law School to students who want or need to continue working while studying for a JD.

“I cannot say enough about how positive and awesome my experience has been,” Mapa says. “It’s been one of the best experiences in my life.”

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