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Judy Abreu, 2011 Graduate

Judy Abreu has worked in the information technology (IT) field her entire career. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in economics before joining IBM as a systems engineer. She worked at CBS for many years as their IT director and since 2001, has worked for Viacom as their director of IT contract administration.

Same Place, Better Path

“Since I graduated from Purdue Global Law School (formerly Concord Law School), I have been taking on more responsibilities in terms of doing technology contracts. So I was given a lot more responsibility by the law department in terms of prepping all of the contracts, getting all of the background information, and getting all of the preliminary questions answered.”

On Time, On Point

Judy cites the availability of teachers with enabling some of her achievements at Purdue Global Law School. “In addition to the fact that it does offer the flexible schedule, I felt like the professors were very willing to help at any time. Any time I would have a question, they would go out of their way to independently reach out to me and answer any questions that I might have.”

Openness Means Opportunity

Judy credits the school with reaching new responsibilities and tasks in her daily work. “Having a degree from Purdue Global Law School helped me tremendously in my career at my company, because immediately I was given much more responsibility and trusted with a lot more. I got a lot more respect and a lot more opportunity within my company.”*

New Skills, New Strengths

Judy has had the opportunity to work in new areas that she had previously not touched, attributable to her experience at Purdue Global Law School. “I am now involved in a lot of processes that would not have been possible before. I actually do lead a lot of those negotiations now that we never have had the opportunity before. And one of the positive things for me is because our law department is so inundated with everything going on between mergers and acquisitions, they have given me a lot more opportunity to get involved in types of issues that you deal with on a day-to-day basis.”

A Network With Support

"As Judy looks back on her Purdue Global Law School experience, she attributes much to the well-connected alumni. “We all want to, not only make each other successful, but also the students. We want them to see what the opportunities are out there in the workforce. And give them ideas and possibly help give them opportunities for their careers.”