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June Monroe, 2012 Graduate

June Monroe grew up in Downey, California. She graduated from Cal State Fullerton and worked her way through college. June soon took a job in 1997 as a receptionist at a small law firm. She married and had two children.

It was a nice start to her career. The law firm trained her as a legal secretary and then as a paralegal. “I was doing the work of an attorney – legal research and drafting pleadings. The only thing I couldn’t do was represent the clients and argue on their behalf,” says June.

After nine years of administrative legal support, June decided that she wanted more for herself and, importantly, her young children. “I am a mom who drives a minivan and my goal was to provide a better life for my children.”

“I did research on accredited and non-accredited schools and there was just no way raising two kids, having a full-time job that I could enroll in a traditional school and afford it,” says June.

She chose Purdue Global Law School (formerly Concord Law School). “Purdue Global Law School by far had the convenience, technology, and affordability that would make it feasible for me to get a law degree. Law School is extremely challenging. It is not for everybody but Purdue Global Law School gives you the opportunity to achieve your potential.”

According to June, she relied most on her mother, father and sisters to help with her young boys, who were 7 and 2 when she started at Purdue Global Law School. Her employer was also very supportive, as well.

“Going to law school is not a one person journey. You take your whole family and friends with you.”

Today, June is a newlywed, who remarried this past Valentine’s Day, and her two boys are now 14 and 10. She graduated from Purdue Global Law School with a Juris Doctor degree in 2012 and went on to pass the California State Bar Exam.

Currently, June is a partner with Rynn and Janowsky—the same law firm she started at as a receptionist. Her practice areas include employment, business, commercial and agricultural law.