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Premkiran Reddy, 2019 Graduate

How Purdue Global Law and a Legal Incubator Set Up a Student for Success

Premkiran Reddy, JD

Attorney Premkiran Reddy turned a family tragedy into a legal career, with the help of Purdue Global Law School (formerly Concord Law School).

Reddy, of Reddy’s Law Firm, was a medical doctor who established and managed an outpatient rehabilitation clinic for 15 years and did psychiatric research at New York University. But after a personal tragedy, he decided to pursue law.

“While I was in New York, my aunt and uncle were in a head-on collision in my hometown in Texas,” Reddy says. “My aunt passed away, and my uncle was left with severe brain and physical injuries. I came back home to care for my uncle and to deal with the medical and legal issues that arose from the injury.”

While helping his family provide around-the-clock care for his uncle, he started weighing his future.

“I realized that I could make a difference in the legal field with my medical training,” he says. “Since I could not leave home while caring for my uncle, I looked for an online law school and found Concord [now Purdue Global Law School] to be the best law school to study online. So I applied.”

Reddy says everything came together for him at Purdue Global Law School.

“When I got in, I was very happy, and I have not regretted it since,” he says. “Everything made sense.”

How Purdue Global Law School and the Legal Incubator Program Helped Reddy

Purdue Global Law School met Reddy’s needs with its flexibility and availability.

“I am a good self-learner, and I wanted more time to study,” he says. “At Purdue Global Law School, I would take a class online, then I had the freedom to go back and study later. That way, I could study more effectively.

“There was more one-on-one with the professors than I’ve had in previous educational endeavors. I don't know if it's the ratio of the students or something else, but the professors were more approachable. I could talk to them.”

Reddy kept in touch with his former professors post-graduation, and they responded graciously and were available to support him.

After passing the bar, the school introduced him to the Bay Area Legal Incubator (BALI) program, which offers new lawyers the opportunity to learn vital business skills while also providing legal services to lower-income and underserved populations. 

“It was a relief when I got the email about BALI because it meant that there was something that could help me,” Reddy says. “I could fit into something that I wanted to do, maintain my independence as an entrepreneur, and still have that basis of learning, help, and guidance.”

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The benefits of legal incubators include mentorship from experienced lawyers, peer support, and substantive law training. The public benefits from legal incubators by gaining access to legal services that otherwise might be out of reach.

What Reddy Learned From the Legal Incubator Program

As part of a community of like-minded attorneys, the BALI group members worked together to support each other.

“It’s better to be together and get help than be on my own and have to figure things out,” Reddy said.

Reddy says that seeing others go through the same challenges he had in his practice gave him comfort that he was not alone.

“Having BALI, and the people from different fields who have gone through it, helps a lot because I can call on them if I want their expertise. And, if they want some medical advice for their cases, I can help them with that.

“BALI was like having a safety net that supported my solo practice and allowed me to thrive.”

Reddy’s Award-Winning Career

Reddy has turned his expertise into a thriving law practice, Reddy’s Law Firm. He works with attorneys to evaluate cases for medical and legal issues. He also helps attorneys prepare for depositions, cross-examinations, negotiations, and more. He even does speaking engagements to share his medical and legal expertise.

Reddy was named a Super Lawyers Rising Star of 2023 for California. The website Super Lawyers says he was chosen “through professional achievement, peer recognition, and other distinguishing criteria.”

“I was truly honored to be selected,” Reddy says. “The best part was how my clients felt about it. They were proud of me and how I helped them.”

He was also named a Fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine (ACLM).

“I’m part of a community of medical professionals with a law degree and to whom I can go to for assistance of co-counsel if needed or even exchange innovative ideas,” Reddy says. 

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