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Sherri Andrews, 2012 Graduate

Challenging Career Perceptions

When you think of working professionals who decide to go to law school, an image of an archaeologist may not spring to mind.

Sherri Andrews challenges that. "I've been an archaeologist for about 20 years. And so, admittedly, I remain an archaeologist , but with my law degree. So I have a different view of the things we do in my industry, which is a largely a compliance based industry. It's based on federal and state laws which I now have a much better grasp on how to interpret and how to deal with my job."

Taking three or more years off to attend a traditional brick and mortar law school was not in the cards for Sherri.

"I have to say that I could never have gone to law school if it hadn't been for Purdue Global Law School (formerly Concord Law School) because I'm a field archaeologist , primarily, which means I am never home or I'm home half of the time."

The Ones You Meet

Of her time at Purdue Global Law School, Sherri especially valued the opportunity to work and share the experience with her classmates. "Among the most memorable aspects of my Purdue Global Law School experience was being able to make friends even without seeing people. So many people from so many diverse areas of life coming together doing the same thing, and we all had the same commitment to that."

Everything You Need to Know

Sherri believes her studies at Purdue Global Law School widened her knowledge and enhanced her understanding of the field she works in. "My education at Purdue Global Law School was broad and thorough. I learned everything I needed to know. There were classes that helped me focus on administrative law and some of the other things that take place within my industry."

What You Learn

Sherri credits where she is and what she does today to her time at Purdue Global Law School and considers the experience invaluable. She graduated from Purdue Global Law School (formerly Concord Law School) in 2012 and passed the California State Bar exam on her first attempt.

"I'm so happy that it was provided to me as an option. I feel that going to Purdue Global Law School, even as a working person, getting this degree, being able to pass the bar exam gave me so many options."