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Dean’s Letter, Winter 2023

December 22, 2023 | Martin Pritikin, JD

Dear Students and Alumni:

I am happy to be able to share the following updates with you:

A New School Name. It's official! Concord Law School is now Purdue Global Law School. Read more on the Purdue Newsroom. Want to help support the new name?

  • Visit the school store and be one of the first to own items from our brand-new collection. (Scroll down to “Shop Our New Purdue Global Law Merchandise Here!”)

  • Go to Google or another search engine, and in the search bar (not just the URL bar at the top), type in “Purdue Global Law School,” and then go to our website. 

  • Be one of the first to make a donation to Purdue Global Law School's general fund or scholarship fund (or choose the Bracci Bar Support Endowment). With the tax year coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to make a tax-deductible gift.

ABA Considers Letting Fully Online Schools Apply for Approval. After a quarter of a century, the citadel walls may finally be on the verge of crumbling. The American Bar Association (ABA) is considering a proposal that would allow fully online law schools to apply for and potentially earn provisional and full ABA approval. The proposal, introduced during the ABA’s November 2023 meeting, would provide that law schools do not necessarily require physical spaces for in-person operation, as long as they have adequate facilities for online programs. 

It was particularly gratifying to see the ABA acknowledge what we have been arguing for years: that requiring a school to first have a campus before it could offer an online program needlessly drives up costs and reduces access. This is an incredibly exciting development — one that we are watching closely. 

The ABA has now put out for notice and public comment proposed revisions to Standards 701 and 702, which would eliminate the requirement of a physical campus. (Additional revisions will need to be made to certain other Standards to ensure that fully online law schools could seek approval.) If you wish to make comments on the proposal regarding the campus requirement itself, you may submit public comments until January 8, 2024. All comments should be addressed to Bridget Mary McCormack, ABA Council Chair, and sent to Fernando Mariduena at Fernando.Mariduena@americanbar.org

Indiana Supreme Court Explores Expanded Access to Bar Exam. Although the Indiana Supreme Court has not ruled on our petition to amend Indiana’s bar admission rules, the Court initiated a 30-day public comment period for its own proposed amendment. The Court’s new rule would provide that applicants from non-ABA law schools who are eligible to sit for the bar in another state can request an individual waiver of the ABA educational requirement to take Indiana's bar exam. 

This is somewhat narrower than what we had originally proposed, as it only provides for individual waivers, not automatic eligibility. However, it would not require graduates to first take and pass California’s bar exam. In that regard, it truly would be a watershed moment for us, as it would be the first time that a state besides California would create a path to licensure immediately upon graduation. We hope and expect that the Court will make a decision within a few months.

Purdue Global Law School at the 34th Annual National Criminal Procedure Moot Court. Matthew Tollestrup (JD 3L) and Mark Trapp (JD 3L) represented Purdue Global Law School at the 34th Annual National Criminal Procedure Moot Court Tournament at the University of San Diego School of Law from November 3- to 5, 2023. They advanced to the octofinal round, which means that they were ranked in the top 16 of the 31 teams participating. During that round, they narrowly lost to the team from UC Law San Francisco (formerly UC Hastings) that eventually competed in the final round and took second place overall. The team members received extremely positive feedback throughout the competition from the competition judges.

Celebrating Graduates and Bar Passers. Graduates, friends, family, and faculty gathered on October 21 for Purdue Global Law School’s commencement ceremony in West Lafayette, Indiana. This was not merely a culmination of academic achievements; it was a celebration of the diverse talents and ambitions of our incredible graduates. Heartfelt congratulations to all our graduates as well as our recent bar passers!

Alumni Spotlight. Brennan Quintus, the CEO of the North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund, strengthened his expertise in insurance law by earning an Executive Juris Doctor through Purdue Global Law School. Quintus pursued legal education to help him better navigate the complex legal issues in the insurance industry. With the EJD program, he was able to successfully balance family life while gaining advanced legal training, and he envisions using his knowledge to contribute to further educating others in his industry. Quintus valued his Purdue Global Law School experience and felt it exceeded expectations. Read more about his journey.

Northern California Reception. On November 12, I flew up to Sacramento for the last of the receptions celebrating the student and alumni regions that won the 25th anniversary Purdue Day of Giving contest. It was technically Purdue Global Law School's first in-person event — stay tuned for more!

Distinguished Speaker Series. In November, I had a fascinating conversation with Dr. Joni Johnston, a prominent forensic psychologist and author, entitled “The Mind of a Serial Killer,” in which we discussed the psychology behind what drives these killers. In case you missed the virtual event, the webinar recording is now available on our YouTube page. We expect to announce the speaker and topic for our next webinar in January 2024. Stay up to date with Purdue Global Law School’s event listings.

Thanks and all the best,

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Martin Pritikin

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Martin Pritikin, JD

Martin Pritikin serves as Dean and Vice President at Purdue Global Law School (formerly Concord Law School). The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not represent the view of Purdue Global Law School.

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