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Dean's Letter, Winter 2017: An ABA Law School in Crisis and the Value of an Online Option

January 3, 2017 | Martin Pritikin, JD

Effective November 8, 2023, Concord Law School was renamed Purdue Global Law School.

Back in my Fall 2016 Dean's column, I shared some exciting news about a beneficial rule change: Concord JD graduates who become licensed in California can now immediately sit for the North Carolina bar exam, notwithstanding ABA rules that make online law schools ineligible for accreditation regardless of their quality.

Speaking of North Carolina, some of you may be following a developing situation with one troubled ABA-accredited law school in Charlotte. I wanted to share with you an Op-Ed I penned that recently appeared in a North Carolina newspaper. Read the article, "Important Option Overlooked in NC Law School Crisis."

While it truly is a very unfortunate situation, especially for the students of Charlotte School of Law, it does underscore the need for and value of online legal education—not only for those who cannot fit a brick-and-mortar legal education into their lives due to geography, work, or personal obligations, but even for “traditional” law students who pay several times more to attend a campus-based ABA law school.

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